Friday, October 4, 2013

Our new adventure

While we've been looking back at our trip 5 years ago to meet up with Jake, we're also busy getting ready for our new adventure — our trip to be united with Jude in Chongqing.

Along the way, our church family — small but oh so mighty — has been encouraging us and helping us out. They held a fundraiser pitting the women against the men. The idea was to collect dollar bills with the serial number that started with the letter J. It was amazing how many they came up with and how they funded their search for the elusive dollars. Maybe part of the reason for their urgency was because the losing team would have to suffer ... getting slimed by the winners.

The women ended up losing out, so they got slimed, but as luck would have it we also decided to let the kids get in on the act. If they raised enough money they got to pick someone to get slimed. So, it ended up pretty much everyone got slimed, even the men.

The great sliming was held last Sunday evening after a hot dog dinner and an outdoor concert by Cross Rock, a really awesome Christian band that put on a great show. God definitely is good.

With a lot of help from Grandma and Grandpa, Jake raised enough money to pay for Violet and I to get slimed. And, it so happened, Violet and I came up with enough money to have Jake slimed, too.

As they say, a good time was had by all. ... Kevin ... Hang on Jude, we're getting closer to that great day when we meet.

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