Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthday Gifts (cause Momma had more to say ...)

What an exciting birthday we had for Jude, that spanned over three days! While our dear son was celebrating with his foster family on Aug. 18 in China, Jake picked out his brother's cake (hope you like strawberry Jude!) and mixed it up.

The next day as Jude was wrapping up his 4th birthday, we were celebrating Jude's birthday a half a world away. We went to church where the congregation sang "Happy Birthday" to Jude's picture projected on our screen.
It was so good to share his special day with our church members, who have been working hard to help us get ready to bring him home.
After church we decorated Jude's cake and we gathered with Grandma Sherry and Grandpa and Grandma Hassler at a local, favorite Chinese restaurant and enjoyed Chinese food and birthday cake in honor of Jude.

It was a great day, and that night we went out, just Mom and Dad and Jake, and we lit sky lanterns in honor of our son on his birthday, as our wishes for health and happiness and quick travel took flight!

The next day one of the wishes came closer to coming true, as we received word our official Letter of Approval had arrived at our adoption agency, Lifeline, in Alabama.
AND, even better, we received pictures of Jude on his birthday sent to us from Helen, a dear woman in China who arranged the gifts and party snacks sent to Jude for his special day.

Jude is looking at NaiNai (Grandma Sue) and YeYe (Grandpa Bill) while wearing his birthday clothes we gave him.
 "Gnawing a bone" is what this one was labeled! lol


This was all the snacks sent for his party. We were told a cake could not be delivered because the orphanage is remote. They said he had plenty of help eating them but they did not picture anyone else for privacy reasons.

 This one was labeled Fuzhi's birthday dinner (melts my heart)

 With the look on his face BaBa (Dad) first said "he must be looking at me!" lol But upon further investigation, Jude is eyeing Jake with LaoLao (Grandma Sherry).

The next day was a big one as Jake started school (I'll post on that later) and we had our "celebratory" lunch with dear friend Amy. They were out of town during Jude's party but wanted to give him and Jake gifts from their travels. Thanks guys, and especially to Big Sister!!
So here is Jude's gift, which will travel to China with us:

It was such a blessed few days. Cannot wait until he gets here!!!!

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