Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts were the theme of the day

Jake and I have talked a lot, especially in the last six months, about how he was not carried in my tummy but I love him in my heart. Weeks after we first had the initial discussion, he told me out of the blue: "Mommy, sometimes a son is born in your heart."
My heart just melted.
Tonight he asked me, "Mom? When I was born was I very big in your heart?"
Heart melted again.
Some people have told Kevin and I how we have done a good thing through adoption, and while we know they mean well, we just look at each other and share that knowing look.
We prayed for a family, and God in all his wisdom led us through the disappointment knowing that three hearts would forever would be joined, as it should be and was meant to be all along.
This morning Jake made hearts for Mom and Dad. Dad told him to make a card for Mom, and he said, "I'm really good at making hearts." We think so, too.
I told him I wanted to share the hearts with Dad, and I asked him which one was Daddy's. He said the red, so mine is the pink.
I've been lucky enough in this life to have had my heart stolen by two wonderful men in my life.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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Our Blue Moon Boy said...

What an eloquent post, Violet. I am happy to say I know exactly how you feel. I look forward to having those talks with Silas about how he came to our family. He's still a bit too young to comprehend it, I think.