Monday, April 26, 2010

Having a ball ... a bowling ball that is!

If you saw the teaser photo at the end of our last post, you've figured out we went bowling after our trip to Salt Plains.

Jake had a blast. He bowled. He played games in the arcade that dispense tickets when you win that you can redeem for valuable prizes (that's cheap plastic trinkets to you and me. LOL). No matter, though, they were treasures to Jake.

You gotta get your ball to the lane. It's an 8-pounder he handled like a champ.

Jake's first ball ever heads down the lane. He's got pretty good form.

Watching it head to the pins.

Take that you pins!

Another perfect ball.

Look at that score. Jake did pretty good for the first time out. Notice the spare he picked up in the third frame. Mommy and Daddy, though, could have used some help. Maybe we should have used the bumpers, too.

Jake wanted to play a driving game, so Daddy worked the gas while Jake steered.

Let's just say Jake's bowling is better than his driving! If you look at the screen on the previous picture, our car is airborne!

Tickets! These are just a few Jake won.

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Jolene and Dan Powell said...

What a fun day! You guys are awesome parents. I can't believe he picked up that bowling ball!!!