Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nice night for a ride

Last night we got home about 7:30, and the sun was still in the sky ... barely. It set while we were getting our stuff and ourselves out of the car.
Despite the fact Jake's car seat usually knocks him out after a hard day's work, he stayed awake until about 5 minutes from home and was easy to wake up.
Wow! It was a beautiful night, so we decided to pull out Jake's trike on the driveway and give it a go. He has been trying to ride it right inside, but carpet makes it a tough go.
He did pretty good on his trike outside, riding the length of our short driveway several times. I had to get him started, as the legs are short, but as soon as he got to pumping he could have gone longer if the driveway did.

Just getting started:

See Mom, I'm ridin':

Push, push, push

Look! Up in the sky:

OK, I'm getting the hang of this:

That was fun. ... Let me just rest for a minute:

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Look at him go! We are still waiting for Charlotte to figure out the trike pedals.