Monday, July 21, 2008

Good friends and a little front porch sittin'

This evening we had our first "Jacob event," as our workplace threw us a "send-off potluck" event. We had lots of food and answered a lot of questions about the adoption. The most frequent question was: "When are you going?" That we do not know, but we did get word from our agency today we will not be going through Beijing. Because of the Olympics and corresponding events, all travel to Beijing has been put on hold until after September (and we're not waiting that long Jake!) So we do not know where we'll be coming into China at when we travel.
But back to the party. We enjoyed ourselves so much and the generosity of our friends to give us a Visa gift card to help us with our needs for Jacob. Kevin has been with the paper since 1988 and I have been there since 1993, and we both have practically lived there, so it is nice that our journey has the support of our coworkers and friends.

On the way home, at 9:15 p.m., I wasn't going to stop, but their light was on. I stopped at a neighbor's home whom I had spoken to once but he didn't remember and I didn't remember his name. It was late, but I rarely have an evening because of work and other reponsibilities, that I can stop in on a neighbor, and I had ulterior motives. I really need to find some hay for my horse, and I thought he might help me. Well, he pulled out some chairs on his front porch, and we sat and chatted for nearly an hour. When I was growing up, people did that all the time, but not so much today in this hustle and bustle world. It was good to stop and meet a new friend.

Today was a very good day.



FHL said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Hope to hear some travel news soon!

Special K said...

That sounds like such a wonderful event. Hope you get your travel dates soon. You must be going crazy wondering.