Friday, April 4, 2008

1 year

A day we have been waiting for has finally arrived. It was something to look forward to, another milestone in this long leap of faith. Now that it is here, of course, it is just another day. It is our LID anniversary – the first of what promises to be many in the world of international adoption these days. There are many reasons for the slowdown in IA, but no one knows the reason. Is it the Olympics in China? That doesn't explain the other countries also seeing slowdowns. Is it the Hague rules. Could be. The Hague was implemented to keep adoption out of the black market and to try to keep children in their home countries as much as possible. It is to be commended, as long as it doesn't keep the orphans from a loving home, no matter where on this planet. Is it that there simply are less families abandoning their children? To some extent, I think that is true, with abortion and ultrasound technology these days, but I can''t see that being the reason for the dramatic drop. Is it the country wanting to "get out the child export" business? Maybe.
The truth is no one knows, or if he does, he's not telling us, so we wait ... forever ... as we have said before, but that is proving hard after just one year.
As I look up at our ticker, the stork that was moving closer to the end of 12 months has moved backward to the middle, as 12 more months has been added. But it is moving, and IA continues. Others who were logged in during the first part of January 2006 are receiving referrals today. They are the new parents to girls 6 and 7 1/2 months old.
The cycle of life continues, and someday, God willing, our journey will end with that baby in our arms, and another cycle will begin.
If I sound a little sad, I guess I am, but it is mixed with happiness, as well. Kevin just came in and brought out our new LID bracelets, which we will wear another year before switching them out.
Tonight, we'll celebrate by getting away from the paper and going out to eat. We're thinking Mexican :)
Don't think too badly of us. We ate Chinese food on our DTC anniversary a few weeks ago.

For all of those who are moving along life's stream with us, take heart. The journey may be slow, but stick your hand into the water and let it drag across the reflection of the moon. It is slow, but it is beautiful.


FHL said...

Congratulation on your LIDversary! We're nine days behind you and although we have a ways to go, I take comfort in knowing that each day we are a little closer. Hugs~

Tracy said...

I am sorry the wait is so long - but yes, always good to celebrate the milestones.


Tracy (Trace7)

Hannah's Home said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog! I remember posting very similar comments to yours as you try to figure out why the wait is so long. All I can tell you is that it will happen and then you will have that special child that was picked for you. Mexican is my favorite food so I hope you had a great LID celebration!