Saturday, March 15, 2008

A major milestone

It hit me today as I was walking back to work from running errands downtown that a year ago Sunday will be our one year DTC anniversary. Then it hit me that at that exact same time last year, Kevin and I were sending our dossier to Great Wall China Adoption.
We were so happy then, and I re-created a little excitement as I walked back to work by calling Kevin and reminding him of this date in history.
It's hard with the wait to maintain our excitement level, but days like today help. It was a great memory.


Kathryn said...

Hi came across your blog via Rumor Queen. We are using GWCA also for our adoption. This wait is grueling and we are fast approaching our 2 year LID anniversary, UGGGGG!!!!! We are LID 4/25/06. I see you started this journey in Oct. 2006, We made our decision to adopt in Oct. 2005. I really hope for all our sakes that things pick up speed soon!!!!
Take care,
I have a blog too:

Anonymous said...

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FHL said...

We're one year closer :-)

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

(Dreaming of Cassie-RQ LID room)

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. It will be worth every single torturous moment of the LOOOONG wait!

Special K said...

A bittersweet milestone, to be sure. Each day brings you closer to your daughter.