Sunday, November 25, 2007

Enid Lights Up the Plains

Our church had a hot drinks booth at the Enid Lights Up the Plains celebration Friday, Nov. 23.
Enid is where both Kevin and I work, and each year it rings in the holiday with a display of lights downtown, entertain-
ment, carriage rides and fireworks.
It had been a few years since we had a booth (because of a change in the fee) but this year we did it again as a fundraiser, with only me and our pastor and his wife and daughter showing up (which was OK because there was not really any more room in the booth!).
So, we were setting up as the downtown Square was filling up with people and the entertain-ment was about to begin when we turned around to get more cups and turned back around and it was snowing, quite heavily, just like that.
It really was lovely, and people started cheering. There was no wind, and the festivities continued, albeit ending a little quicker than normal because everyone was getting wet (and it was cold!).
Anyway, it was good for business, because we sold out. We had so much fun.
We watched fireworks in the snowfall, which I had never seen before, and it was beautiful. The pyrotechnic gurus lit them off all around the Square from the tops of buildings as the finale, and it was quite spectacular. Kevin was at work nearby, but he got to come out and see the fireworks.
A small slice of small-town life (even though Enid is the biggest city I have ever lived in).



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