Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our first Moon Festival

Tonight we went to the home of our Great Wall China Adoption regional representative for a Moon Festival party. There were several attending from the referral to the already been there, done that crowd.
It is so good to find those who know what an LID is or RQ, and it is great seeing the kids and knowing that one day our little girl will be among those playing.
We did find out we are the new kid on the block, as ours is the newest LID (much to the glee of the previous new kid) but there are others in the same boat as us - waiting and wondering.
We couldn't stay long, but we enjoyed the fellowship.
We have been blessed by this journey in so many ways. When we walked out of their house, a new moon was setting in the west. The party may have been a little late for the full moon, but for us and all we have been through in the past few weeks, the timing was perfect.

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